English Heritage: HENDRIX, JIMI (1942-1970)

The Blue Plaques of London are unique visual reminders of the great people who lived in these locations. My flat in Soho was a step away from where Karl Marx lived and John Logie Baird, the inventor of television. Many other luminaries had Blue Plaques on buildings in my area which was somehow inspiring to know, that so many creative people had lived, worked and trod the same streets as me.

screenshot-www english-heritage org uk 2016-03-21 16-46-53If I may add to Stephen Fry’s sentiments below…

‘a smart Mayfair jeweller’s looks across to where Handel is writing the Hallelujah Chorus and next door Jimi Hendrix is wailing away on his guitar.’

Read more about Hendrix in London here.

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